Markets Served



As corporations worldwide become increasingly aware of the cost of energy and its effect on their bottom line, they demand solutions. Research shows that almost 30% of their energy budget goes towards the use and maintenance of inefficient lighting systems. Liton’s versatile LED fixtures enhance efficiency, insure sustainability and provide the warmth and beauty of traditional lighting sources. Easily integrated into new lighting plans or existing remodel and retrofit projects, Liton LED fixtures can provide a productive and comfortable environment while generating substantial savings in overall energy costs.

  Corporate Project (LITON LED)

24 Hour Fitness HQ, Lockheed Martin, Boeing Bldg. 42, Northrop Grumman, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Safeco Plaza, GE Transportation, Time Warner, Goodyear HQ, Union Bank, Google HQ and Well Fargo Tower.



Whether a single classroom or a sprawling campus with several buildings, the learning institution must provide a well-lit but inviting environment. Energy cost containment may be important but the conservation of energy cannot come at the expense of learning. Liton LED fixtures offer many options such as color temperature, CRI, dimming, beam spread and adjustability which allows the customization of the lighting aspects of the classroom. This enhances the learning environment - all while realizing a significant reduction in energy consumption.

  Education Project (LITON LED)

Atlanta Metropolitan State College, Northeastern University, Buffalo State College, University of Notre Dame, Cal State University, San Marcos, University of Evansville, Chapman University, Univ. of California, San Diego, John Tyler Community College, Variety Club Research Center , John R. Briggs Elementary and Washington State University.



Whether large venue or small, nightclub or health club, hall, theater or arena, Liton LED has the variety and options necessary to light all or part of any entertainment facility and maximize energy savings. Imagine a movie theater using Liton LED downlights to light the lobby. How about using LinkaLED Bar, Tape or Puck lights to entice hungry customers to the concession stand? What about using Liton’s LED rope light to safely guide employees and patrons to seats, restrooms and, more importantly, a clearly marked exit? And what about those restrooms? Liton has the LED products necessary for that need and almost any other. It’s amazing to think that we were only discussing a movie theater. When you think of all of the different LED downlights, track heads, under cabinet and safety products that Liton produces, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

  Entertainment Project (LITON LED)

Austin ISD Performing Arts Ctr, Malco Theaters, Ed Smith StadiumParadise Casino, Food Network (Kitchen)Sea World, Hard Rock CasinoUniversal Studiosand Landmark Theaters. 



All retail establishments are designed with one goal in mind: to merchandise product so that it sells quickly. Proper lighting plays an essential role in that process. A properly lit store will highlight product and displays, illuminate consumer pathways, give direction to key departments or facilities including check out and provide real and perceived security. Studies show that good lighting reduces shrinkage from theft and damage. Liton Lighting provides LED lighting fixtures for any retail environment. Finally, retailers work on very thin margins. Even the cost of lighting is figured into the cost of goods. Liton LED lighting can save as much as 25% in annual energy costs over inefficient lighting.

  Retail Project (LITON LED)

Bank of Tamp, Cole Haan, Crate & Barrel, David Yurman, Destinations - Dallas Int’l. Airport, Duty Free Americas, HMS Host Destinations Dallas, Impressions, Lewis Jewelers, L'Occitane, Macy's, Osh Nursery, Tiffany Jewelers, Walmart Global and XFinity Store.



Warmth. Comfort. Elegance. The goal of the host is to make guests feel comfortable and want to come back. A wide range of small aperture LED downlights and task lights from Liton can help to set a welcoming tone for guests – whether they’ve come to work, play, sleep, dine or simply relax. With no sacrifice to physical comfort or visual elegance, Liton’s commitment to LED innovation delivers significant energy savings and an enhanced guest experience.

  Hospitality Project (LITON LED)

Courtyard Inn, Disney- Daar Guestrooms, Elms Hotel & Spa, Grand Hyatt, Hilton Garden Inns, Hyatt Regency, Marriott Biscayne Bay, Marriott Manhattan Beach, Marriott Desert Ridge, Ritz Carlton, Spring Hill Suites by Marriott and Trump Hotel.  



Whether a restaurant is designed for casual dining, fast food or intimate elegance, presentation is everything. In this highly competitive market, every aspect is important. Food, service, décor and atmosphere all require careful planning to succeed. Liton LED solutions light the way by providing the lighting tools and options necessary to achieve that all-important atmosphere and create an unforgettable dining experience.

  Restaurants Project (LITON LED)

Baja Fresh, Benihana, Carl's Jr., Coffee Bean - Hilton, IHOP Restaurant, Johnny Rockets, Pinkberry, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Wild Potato and Yo! Sushi. 



Ever heard of the $1000 ashtray? Yes, the government has had a way of wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars. But ‘we the people’ have complained and, remarkably, they have listened. Government facilities must now achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption based upon 2003 levels according to Executive Order 13423. By choosing Liton LED solutions you can achieve an overall 23% reduction in lighting costs alone. Not a bad start towards energy independence.

  Government Project (LITON LED)

42nd Military Police Barracks, Brighton City Hall, City of Creve Coeur, City of Gothenburg (Public Works), City of Reno, Detroit Metro Airport, Erie County Convention Center, ESSE Museum, Fed. Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Minot Air Force Base and Tehachapi Police Department.      



Research shows that environment is an important part of patient treatment and recovery. Old-fashioned, inefficient CFL and incandescent lighting can create a depressing visual experience that affects patients and caregivers alike. Liton LED lighting fixtures are a powerful way to support the lighting design goals that are important to healthcare facilities. It improves the patient experience, enhances staff performance and, helps to reduce health care costs by reducing energy consumption.

  Healthcare Project (LITON LED)

Brookfield Veterinary Hospital, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, CMC Oncology Center, Colfax Health & Rehab Center, Elgin Community College, Hippocrates Health Institute, Indiana University Hospital, Mayo Clinic Health System, Sacred Heart Hospital, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Savage Medical, Seven Seas Pediatric Dentistry and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Ctr.     



As residential customers experience sky rocketing electricity rates, they have begun to count every single kilowatt. Porch lights are left off. They squint in darkened rooms trying to conserve every bit of energy they can. They scour their abodes seeking out every device that consumes a scintilla of phantom power. Selling a residence? Lighting is now an issue. Building a residence? Lighting is in the plans. Buying a residence: Lighting is a consideration. Previously, the only energy efficient solution was CFL, a compromise by any measure. Liton LED lighting fixtures provide outstanding energy efficiency but also provide all of the advantages of traditional technologies including adjustability, beam spread control, dimming and more apertures than competing brands or lamping technologies. Liton LED fixtures can be price competitive as well with models in every price range.



Whether church or synagogue, cathedral, mosque or temple – houses of worship present unique challenges for lighting design. Congregants, clergy, staff and visitors come to these spaces with individual needs and expectations. Many of these facilities are multi-purpose and may have different lighting requirements for different functions. Architectural features, artwork, statuary, altars and other important furnishings may need special lighting. All of these situations present challenges easily met using Liton LED lighting. Need adjustability in a recessed LED downlight? How about fine beam spread control? Will dimming help to set the atmosphere? What about an LED track head that matches all of the characteristics of your downlights? Liton LED meets all of those requirements and more.

  House of Worship Project (LITON LED)

Destiny Worship Center, First United Methodist Church of Warren, Greenwood Episcopal Church, St. Patricks Church, Sun Prairie United Methodist Church and Temple Israel. 



Auto dealerships look for a visual edge over their competition when showcasing new models in their showrooms. Only the top-of-the-line, most fully-featured models are awarded that valuable real estate. Vehicles are polished and presented in a manner that justifies their cost and whets the appetite of the consumer. In the past, the lighting technology of choice was HID, known for intense color rendition and lots of sparkle. The downside was the finicky nature of that technology, the inability to dim metal halide lamps and the intense heat generated. Now LITON LED, with its high lumen output, choice of CCT and high CRI values, eliminates the downsides of HID and provides comparable output, consistent color rendering, better energy efficiency and lots of sparkle.

  Auto Project (LITON LED)

Airport Acura, BMW of Atlantic City, Brad Benson Auto Group (Hyundai), Kia Dealership of Santa Rosa, Mercedes Benz of Des Moines, Mercedes Benz of El Dorado Hills, Mercedes Benz of Los Angeles, Newport Lexus, Pohanka Nissan, Toyota of Abilene, Toyota of Medford, Toyota of Springfield and Triumph Motorcycle.